Apr 12, 2024

We often discuss the concept of ages in Memoriapolis, but what exactly does that mean?

Memoriapolis is a new city builder that invites you to construct a city spanning 2,500 years of history, which means you’ll play as members of a dynasty across four ages that have left their mark on history.


The game starts in Antiquity and progresses through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and culminates in the Age of Enlightenment. Antiquity and the Middle Ages will be the two ages available during early access.

  • During Antiquity, you'll become acquainted with gameplay mechanics such as laying the foundation of your city, managing resources, understanding the concept of Culture (we’ll discuss Cultures in a future article), and encountering minor events. Gradually, you'll advance through time to construct your very first Wonder!

  • With the Middle Ages, you'll gain access to new buildings and take advantage of service buildings, each providing access to various game mechanics based on their culture. For instance, production service buildings are linked to the storage and management of resources, while military service buildings protect the city, anticipate events. Additionally, you'll be able to construct ramparts, upgrade buildings, and much more!


Regardless of the age you're in, you may encounter historical events such as Black Death or internal ones like famines and fires. However, don't panic—positive events are never far away!

You understand, each age introduces its own unique game mechanics, presenting a distinct set of opportunities and challenges for your dynasty to navigate. Traces from one age can also be integrated into the next, shaping your city's evolution towards becoming the capital of capitals!

We're excited to see your cities shine through the Ages, so stay tuned for early access and follow us on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Discord.

Memoriapolis Reveal Trailer
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Jun 20, 2024

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